Featured on Martha Stewart Weddings!

April 23rd, 2014

I’m THRILLED to see Kelly & Dave’s Camp Wandawega Wedding featured on Martha Stewart Weddings last week! What an honor to have been a part of such an amazing couple’s wedding and to be featured on such an incredible wedding publication!See the feature here!

Martha Stewart Weddings

And he team of vendors for this wedding was out of this world!

Camp Wandawega: Venue
Fleur: Floral Design & Plates/Glassware/Silverware
Best Events: Tent & Table Decor
Lily Red Studio: Paper Products and Invite
Greatest Expectations: Day Of Wedding Coordination
Toast & Jam: DJ
XO Pictures: Wedding Film
Truffle Truffle: Sweets
Aged Vintage Rentals: Lounge decor
Nika Vaughn: Make-up
Three Floyds Brewing: Beverages
Sherman’s Catering: Catering
Chicago Lighting Design: Lighting
JCrew: Dress



Marlene & Steve // Intimate Botanical Wedding

April 15th, 2014

Marlene & Steve's Wedding-002_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-014_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-020_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-030_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-045_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-034_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-138_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-060_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-063_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-072_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-071_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-074_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-083_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-092_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-086_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-109_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-113_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-118_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-219_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-122_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-126_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-128_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-143_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-150_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-154_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-159_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-166_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-170_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-182_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-180_WEBMarlene & Steve's Wedding-185_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-202_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-206_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-209_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-212_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-222_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-233_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-239_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-241_WEB Marlene & Steve's Wedding-243_WEB


Ceremony Location: Luthy Botanical Garden (Peoria, IL)
Personal Florals: Fleur (Chicago, IL)


Molly & Esteban // Lake Geneva Wedding

April 11th, 2014

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Ceremony Location: St Peter’s Church (Antioch, IL)
Reception Location: Grand Geneva Resort
Reception Music: Something 2 Dance 2
Videograhy: Northern Lights Filmworks
Hair/Make-up: Well Spa at Grand Geneva Resort


Ashley & Matt // Chicago Winter Engagement Session

April 10th, 2014

Ashley & Matt-12_WEB Ashley & Matt-39_WEB Ashley & Matt-34_WEB Ashley & Matt-27_WEB Ashley & Matt-25_WEB Ashley & Matt-18_WEB Ashley & Matt-16_WEBAshley & Matt-44_WEB Ashley & Matt-56_WEB Ashley & Matt-59_WEB Ashley & Matt-64_WEB Ashley & Matt-70_WEB Ashley & Matt-76_WEB


Kelly & Ethan // Lincoln Park Conservatory Engagement Session

April 9th, 2014

2014-04-03_0104_WEB2014-04-03_0106_WEB 2014-04-03_0107_WEB2014-04-03_0105_WEB 2014-04-03_0108_WEB 2014-04-03_0109_WEB 2014-04-03_0110_WEB 2014-04-03_0112_WEB 2014-04-03_0114_WEB 2014-04-03_0115_WEB 2014-04-03_0116_WEB 2014-04-03_0118_WEB 2014-04-03_0119_WEB 2014-04-03_0120_WEB 2014-04-03_0122_WEB 2014-04-03_0123_WEB