Vintage iPhone Photos…Well Not Quite Yet.

I’m a sucker for a vintage camera. Give me an old Edwin Land Polaroid and my heart will sing every time! And the photographs created by a seasoned camera…I can’t help but adore! There’s just something about them that makes me smile. The faded color, the cracks, the feel and smell of the paper. I daydream about the stories behind the images and the hands and the homes through which they’ve passed. I think about what it must’ve been like to have seen one of these cameras for the first time and I can feel the excitement of holding, in my hands, what was at the time, the latest and greatest technology! Sometimes when I’m looking at these old photos, it makes me think about the future and I imagine my grandkids or great-grandkids for that matter, running around in their silver space suits, riding their hover boards, eating Dippin’ Dots (I mean, it is the ice cream of the future, right?), and taking great caution not to get hit by any flying cars, and I wonder if they’ll ever be digging around in my stuff and come across some of my old photos and have the same reaction. I picture them finding something they don’t quite recognize. The little silver apple on the small black rectangle does have a certain familiar quality to it, not unlike that of the hologram on the backs of their Apple teleporting devices. They’ll do a quick search to discover that it’s what was known as an “iPhone“. It was how the past generations reached out to one another…before communication devices were implanted in people’s brains; and, apparently, a way of taking pictures…long before digital eye glasses were created. They’ll find an antique dealer who is able to retrieve some of its data. And as they scroll across the screen, admiring the fact that it has to be held and doesn’t just show up in their minds…I’d like to think they’ll have the same appreciation, as I now do, for photos of long ago.

Here are a few of my somewhat recent iPhone photos…

  • Otto Rascon - OMG Jaclyn, I love this post. I love seeing your non wedding work. This is some really cool stuff. You should like do a 365 project… I’m just sayin’. And yes, Dippin’ Dots are the ice cream of the future.ReplyCancel

  • Joan - You should definitely keep this for posterity and see if you were right about any of your predicitions about the future. Love the iphone pics. More, more! ;)ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks, Joan! I have a sneaking suspicion that the Dippin’ Dots prediction will come true…ReplyCancel

  • Todd Pinckney - So funny Jaclyn! I think you may be onto something about those Dippin’ Dots. You’ve got some amazing iPhone shots…I agree with Otto, this could be a sweet 365 project!ReplyCancel

  • V Hinojosa - You are so creative with that iPhone!!! I LOVE every single one of those images!!!

    You have an amazing eye for the future as well as for artistry…I am in awe of your talent!!!!

    Abrazos, ~VReplyCancel

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